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Would you be able to make a downloadable version for PC?

Hard as balls but wow this was not made in pico8 (just joking) really well done the level design, the design and the effects are so well done. Great Job

Thanks a lot for your nice words, Kai!  Glad you liked it!


This game is amazing, I love how you make the character clunky to move and jump on purpose. The difficulty ramp was very well crafted and the style of characters and the colours are super charming. Congratulations on your entry! :) 

Thanks a lot for your feedback!  I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game!


This game definitely has a lot of charm. One of the things I liked the most was the hovering mechanic and how you use it both to attack and to get away from enemies. Very challenging and I didn't manage to clear all the levels, but doable with a bit of patience. Great work!

Thanks for your feedback, Crowno!  Glad you enjoyed playing the game. Once you get the hang of it, finishing it should only take a few minutes.


This game is kinda tough! I mean, after playing about 10 minutes, dying a couple times, I was able to get up to the bit with the shield-skeletons. That seems almost impossible, since you can't be on the ground, you can't be in the middle because of the jumping ones, you can't be on the top with the zombies...I dunno, maybe it's not TOTALLY unfair though!

Anyway the graphics are adorable, the gameplay is really nice. The music is cool. And the shoot-hovering thing seems like it could open up some interesting gameplay possibilities. Great job!

I hear ya, Chaoseed!  My wife also got stuck in that part a good while.  A little tip I can give you is to take your time, lure the shield guys out and hover shoot their heads from the distance.  Hope that helps.

Thanks for playing it and thanks for your other comments too.  It's a short game so I hope you get to be able to finish it.  :)

I hadn't even realized the shield-guys were vulnerable at all. I did get past that part, and up to the boss. (Wow that's a lot of health!) The more I play, the more interesting I find the "hovering"; like, you can't jump far enough to jump over a monster, but you can jump and hover to let it pass under you.

The other interesting thing is, the way the game plays, it seems to encourage you to move slowly, pull one or two enemies at a time, basically be cautious. I don't know if that was intended or merely emergent. ;)


Nice game! :D I ended it here and I was about to comment that it was pretty slow, but the I play it in the pico page at the normal speed and it's was even better :) Any idea why here it runs so slow? 

That's strange... what browser are you using?  I'm running it on Chrome and I can't really tell a big difference between here and Pico-8's site.

It was in Chrome, I use it most of the time but I test it in Opera and it runs at normal speed :P maybe something to do with  java? 

Not really sure... but whenever I see Chrome acting weird for a while I kill it and make sure all its processes are dead before re-launching it.


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Lots to love about this game :) 

Feels cool, has a tough old school vibe, and nice way of determining the enemy health.

Thanks for the nice comment!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game!