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really fun game :)

unfortunately I got softlocked after being bounced at a high speed through a small gap :(

This game is pretty fun and in incredibly interesting take on sonic :D

Great idea and I can see you implemented some of the previous input (like arrows pointing toward remaining orbs and the exit). It all feels so natural that I thought those pieces were always included! Perhaps an option to change how quickly the world rotates would be nice, but honestly, you could sell this :) 

Really fun! Enjoyed it! :D

feels more like golf, but either way, really fun '-'d


Really fun game for Pico.


This is great stuff!

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Awesome! Reminds me of the special level you get to in sonic.


Cleared it in 57:34:0.

The game isn't really a metroidvania but sure feels like a more crazy and chaotic Cameltry. I liked it. Like Sambi said, some guidance towards the end of each level would nice, but I understand the game's annoyances with getting lost and bouncing around uncontrollably were likely deliberate, something you wanted us to wrestle with.

I just think the game doesn't have enough variety in hazard types and mechanics to stay fresh for 20 levels, especially since they become longer and longer. After level 15, I got weary enough to pause it and took a break for a while. 

Thanks for playing, Yoritoshi!

Some of it was deliberate, but the feeling of tedium is definitely not...  I'll add an arrow pointing towards your next objective if it's taking too long to find.


Agreed. Hitting a bumper and getting sent back six rooms with no way to stop it kinda killed my enjoyment, and spending time searching for the boss was tedious. You can take your hands off the keyboard entirely, and you'll probably end up doing better than actually trying to decide where the ball goes.


The physics is really satisfying. It feels great to get the ball rolling off multiples circles. The visuals are also amazing. It all fits really well together.

I think the levels could have been a bit shorter. Without a minimap I often found myself backtracking looking for a missing circle or the exit. 

Thanks for playing it and for you comment, Sprawl!  A lot of people have requested a hint arrow to point at the exit (and boss and last few pickups) so I'll be experimenting with adding that in the near term.  Stay tuned!

Hi! This is a nice game :-)


My time: 1:08:52.7

That took longer than I expected :D!

Would it be possible to add an arrow pointing at the last pickup and then at the exit? I felt like that was the biggest problem I had while playing. Trying to figure out where those were was a bit tiresome after couple of levels.

Yeah, that's been suggested by a bunch of people in twitter, I'll probably add a hint arrow soon.  Thanks for playing, Sambi!