Fight your way through an onslaught of more than 4 billion consecutive boss fights in top-down shooting arcade action madness. Dodge bullet-hell as your ship automatically shoots the core of the enemy.


  • d-pad/arrow keys: move your ship around
  • mouse/touch: swipe to navigate menus, steer ship with relative mouse hold movements
  • <z> or <x>: spend your power-bar for 3-way shooting extra fire power
    • 2x power when bar is below 50%
    • 4x power when above 50% 
  • controller pad recommended.


  • More than 4 billion bosses
  • 22 unlockable player ships
  • gazillions of bullets
  • a few lasers!
  • 3 game modes: normal, attract and permadeath
  • auto game save persistence between sessions (quit the game anytime)

As usual, please share your thoughts, comments and bug reports below. I truly appreciate everyone's feedback.

Also a big shout-out to my #pico8 bros on twitter for giving great ideas and suggestions as I was developing this one. You guys are awesome!


Jun 28,2019:

  • Fill up your power-bar as you damage the enemy, press <z> or <x> to spend your power in 2x damage 3-way power shots.
  • If your power-bar is above 50%, your power is now 4x for maximum boss obliteration.

Feb 11,2019:

  • Bosses now have Lovecraftian names!

Feb 9,2019:

  • Optimized a bit (if things get out of hand stop spawning background particles)
  • This means more bullets, harder game... git gud
  • Increased the play area a little bit
  • Less inertia on the ship's movement
  • Shows the number of tries (game overs) on normal mode

Feb 5,2019:

  • Fix a permadeath persistence bug
  • Added touch/mouse support

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, Bullet Hell, chiptune, PICO-8, PROCJAM, Shoot 'Em Up, Top down shooter

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I like this game ! I just wish that each ship have their own way to shoot. For example, ship #2 could have a slightly higher fire rate than ship #1.

This is one of the most addictive shmups on the PICO-8!

I love this game. It's a browser game (which I love), and it's also an arcade shoot 'em up (which I love). Boss #58 is hard!!!!

actually, the boss #58 isn´t that hard if u have some charge of the super power thingy but i tried to do the boss without using the special thingy and wow, that was really difficult


This is a great game. It's a pity it doesn't get harder as you get on, that would extend the playability a lot. The charged up power bar is OP.

Thanks for the feedback!  The difficulty is supposed to increase steadily for the first 100 bosses, after that, it's all random chance.

I added the power bar for cases where you would get stuck in a boss and not making progress even with infinite continues.

How far did you get?

I got to 50 without really struggling. That was enough that i was getting bored with the lack of challenge, and enough to establish a pattern with the enemies.

this game is very cool feicitascones to the creators

Really cool game! With some more variety in terms of gameplay, it could be awesome!


cool game

Hey, any chance for a stand-alone version?


Wonderful PICO8 game!!!!


Wow, it is the best Pico 8 game I've ever seen! I'm just wondering how it can be made on Pico 8. The gameplay is quite boring sometimes but I've never seen anything more interesting on Pico 8.

Thanks for playing and for your comment, SWalrus!  Check out my other pico8 games, you might like them!