Run-Gun-Bot is on a top-secret mission and nobody can stop him.  He'll rampage through a maze-like world filled with bad guys and hazards.  Uncover the mysteries of his mission as you collect gun power-ups and coins.


  • z = shoot active weapon, hold to stand your ground and shoot in-place
  • x = jump
  • duck + left/right = switch to the previous/next weapon (can also switch through the pause menu)

Weapon-specific Instructions:

  • Green: bouncy grenades, destroys dirty blocks, useful for shooting from above
  • Brown:  machine gun, not very strong, shoots super fast, hold forward as you release the z button for a fast dash forward.  Used to get across large chasms by jumping and dashing forward in mid-air.
  • Red: rocket gun, slow rate, strong power, destroys breakable stone blocks, shoot in mid-air to act as a double jump
  • Orange: flame thrower, short distance, high rate, strong power, destroys bramble blocks, hold the z button in mid-air to trigger stalled descent
  • Blue: ice gun, regular rate, gravity curved shooting, cools off lava blocks
  • Pink:  bubblegum gun, slowest rate, big and powerful, absorbs enemy bullets, player touching bullets causes player to get launched upward
  • ???

This game is a tribute to some of my favorite NES classics including (among others): Mega Man, Contra, Blaster Master & Metroid.

Update 1.01:

  • Fixed some level layouts that were causing slight confusion on some playthroughs.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.
  • Added a "reset game+!?" to the main menu: restarts the game in a mirrored version of the game map, including a different ending. Post a screenshot once you get it. :)


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Great metroidvania! I love the run n gun part :D

I had to trial n error to understand how the game works but finally got it

Now where's that bubble gun? I ended up getting best gun without getting that one...

Says it won't run on my SamsungG S6. Hooked up a 8bitdo and it run beautifully. Great little game. 


Terribly pixelated graphics, just how I like it. 5/5.


Glad to see people appreciating the good chunky pixels of old!  ;)


I got to the flaming skull boss without orange, blue, and pink. And I somehow won. Was that the final boss?


It is the final boss... but you still have to do something else to get to the end screen!  :)


Yea, I know. I’ve already beaten the game fully with all the guns and the stars under 3 hours.


Excellent... hope you had fun playing it!  Cheers!


I did, I even connected a PS4 controller while I was playing. I immediately regretted it tho cuz the controls didn’t feel right.

I generally use a snes iBuffalo controller.  Love that controller.


Hi GuerraGames, here's my screenshot of the second ending :)

...and 100%!  good job, man!

(1 edit) (+1)

You're welcome, friend; I felt compelled to collect all the coins, even though I struggled though the alternate playthrough at first :p :)


There is a Slimette? Dang! I thought I was through playing this one.


I'm loving this! It has surprisingly complete 'feel', the movement of run-gun-bot and weapons. It is a rewarding game that makes you feel some mastery over it, I think mostly in part of the forgiveness of invincibility as opposed to a more retro style insta-death on being hit. I've not completed the game yet, but it has served as a pleasurable way to spend some time. I look forward to following your game dev journey! :D


Hi there, this was such a lovely game to play, despite the coin being hard to get to just before the final area, even with the Pink gun upgrade :p

The soundtrack for this game is quite a tune, and while the backtracking required to track down each coin was time-consuming, what with the bosses coming back to life after beating the final boss, it was quite rewarding to finally collect all the coins.

The ending was quite unexpected, and I'm glad for once that a blob is your bro, instead of being a staple enemy :)

I'm sure I'll enjoy playing your Slime Bubble Bro game, once I get to it :)

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, Hob!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game and yeah, look forward to hear what you think of my other games.  :)


I really enjoyed playing your Run-Gun-Bot game, and though I only played the Slime Bro game for a short while, I found it interesting to play, especially since there are so few games where you play as the slime, and this one is unique due to the bubble-trapping/shield mechanic :)