Slime Bubble Bro is a fast action platformer arcade game.

Objective: You are the Slime Bubble Bro and your mission is to save Slimette from the evil clutches of the Skeleton Gangand their minions!


  • <x> to jump, <z> to shoot
  • Bubble up your enemies until they explode
  • Push bubbles around to chain their explosions and get more points
  • Bosses can't be bubbled, but you can use their minions to do more damage


  • 32 rooms
  • 4 boss fights
  • Infinite lives, but there's a score penalty every time you die, in fact, your score can actually become negative
  • The game can be finished in less than 15 minutes
  • Bubbled enemies also serve as shields from incoming enemy bullets, use them strategically
  • Reset the cart after finishing the game for a little surprise



Main Influences: Snow Bros & Bubble Bobble

As always: comments, bug reports and suggestions for improvements are greatly appreciated.

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Published 29 days ago
Tags8-bit, jumping, PICO-8, Shooter

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will there be a Steam release of your game *fingers crossed*..? if so I
hope it will have achievements and stuff, I would buy it in a heart

Achievements and stuff sound like interesting ideas.

As for a Steam release, sorry to disappoint but that won't happen any time soon to be honest, maybe in a very very distant future.

Thanks for playing, batmobilly!  Make sure to play my other games here on!

very good !!