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This is fantastic! The gameplay is really satisfying, I could see myself getintg lost in playing this. Great job!

Glad you're enjoying the game, Sciman101!  Feel free to post your best score when you finish it!

I know I'm generally really bad at games, but the death pentaly here feels a little extreme. The fact that it goes up the more you die, especially in a game where you die a lot, makes it so that eventually you cant really care about getting a good score since one slip up undoes all the progress you've made.

I haven't beaten the game yet, though, so maybe theres something at the end? Either way, still a great game, but a little too hard in my mind

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Oh man I love the design of this game! The chain explosions and using bubbles as shields is really really cool. Well done!!

Thanks for playing and for your comment, der_r!  Glad you enjoyed it!


Which song is used in the game??? i tried to shazam it but it didnt work

It's an original song I wrote in the pico8 tracker


will there be a Steam release of your game *fingers crossed*..? if so I
hope it will have achievements and stuff, I would buy it in a heart

Achievements and stuff sound like interesting ideas.

As for a Steam release, sorry to disappoint but that won't happen any time soon to be honest, maybe in a very very distant future.

Thanks for playing, batmobilly!  Make sure to play my other games here on!


very good !!