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Really fun game, just a pure session of enjoyment!

Very tight gameplay, good graphics, solid and fun combo system that makes me think of both bubble bobble, and a little of missile command strangely.

Great work!

the game is frustratingly fun......together with the music...amazing

it gives such sadisfaction when you kill an enemy, nice work 

it would be great whit a story tought


This is fantastic! The gameplay is really satisfying, I could see myself getintg lost in playing this. Great job!

Glad you're enjoying the game, Sciman101!  Feel free to post your best score when you finish it!

I know I'm generally really bad at games, but the death pentaly here feels a little extreme. The fact that it goes up the more you die, especially in a game where you die a lot, makes it so that eventually you cant really care about getting a good score since one slip up undoes all the progress you've made.

I haven't beaten the game yet, though, so maybe theres something at the end? Either way, still a great game, but a little too hard in my mind

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Oh man I love the design of this game! The chain explosions and using bubbles as shields is really really cool. Well done!!

Thanks for playing and for your comment, der_r!  Glad you enjoyed it!


Which song is used in the game??? i tried to shazam it but it didnt work

It's an original song I wrote in the pico8 tracker


very good !!