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danm game of bullet hell but nic

Amazing game! I also loved the music

fun game :)


adictive as hell, great game!

Great game. Why do you like games where you play as a spaceship so much? Not saying it's bad though

Great game

This is awesome! Great job on this game!

nice work i think you have a nice core game going on and you you wonted you could make more lvl's, modes and set this game on steam or do a delux edition. nice work

Nice work, any chance to download?

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Awesome ! Remind me old hard Megadrive shoot that I played a lot which are looping like Tastujin, Twin hawk etc... Here's my score after one morning training  !

Also I didn't notice the bombs in the beginning and I thought it was maybe the most difficult shoot I ever played, I reached to the boss of level 7 without using any bombs !

Fantastic game! It just seems so impossible to beat the level 10 boss. There's literally no space without bullets and it's so quick that I can't spawn bombs. Could someone, without spoiling anything, tell me if this has to do with me not having leveled up enough yet? (lvl 15 right now)


This is now my new favorite shoot 'em up.


Glad you liked it so much, Stavros!  :)


This is my new favorite shoot 'em too! Happy my progress is saved too ;)


I think that this game was the first time that I saw such a great bullet-hell game made in PICO-8! It had a lovely arcade-y vibe in it and the whole aesthetics - not just the pixel art itself, but especially the color choices - really got to me. :) Thanks for this neat little game, of which I wrote a short article and also uploaded a gameplay video. <3 I hope it drived some more players to you. :)

Best wishes,


Thanks a lot for your comments, review and video, Sebastian!  It all helps to get more people to play it for sure!  Also, check out my other games as well, hopefully you'll find them as interesting as this one.  Cheers!


I like the game you add some nice twists in by gaining more ships as you level up and boost your firing range. something I noticed though is the bullets don't seem to hurt you if your special attack is charged. Is that intentional?

Thanks for your feedback, Keero!  The player has a really small hit box, which might be what you're experiencing.  Either that or that your side-kick ships don't really get damaged unless they become the main ship (effectively acting as lives stock).  Hope that makes sense.  Thanks for playing the game and I'm glad you're enjoying it!


Oh okay I see. Well keep up the good work ^


Awesome game! It was fun to play!

Glad you enjoyed it!  Thanks for playing it!


this game is awsome

Thanks!  Glad you're enjoying it!


I cant get past the 4th boss for the life of me, great game btw!

keep at it... eventually you'll have enough fire power to overcome it  :)

Thanks for playing!


Why is there no download link?

Also it might be cool to make your ship a little bit procedural as well.

yeah, that was my plan but I ran out of space in the pico-8 cart.




is it me you're looking for?


i love the variety of enemy designs, are they randomly generated or did you design all of them?

They're randomly generated at the start of each level. I'm glad you like it!


Rather well made but out of intrest is it an applet or a html game?

it's made using pico-8


It gets a bit repetitive after a bit, but it's a very well-made shooter.

thank you for your feedback... just curious, how far did you get?

I should've played farther than I did...I didn't finish the second level. I'll go back to it and see what comes up in later sections of the game.


Cool! I wanna PICO-8! :D You inspire me!

excellent, pico-8 is awesome!


The particles flying by make it hard to read what things you have to keep track of, if that makes and sense. It makes visual noise and it's a bit harder to see enemies and bullets coming at you.

yeah, I see your point... the pico-8 palette is very limited so there's not a whole lot I can do... I think that once you know that only pink and green can hurt you it should be fine


Hey! I finally played it and it's good stuff!

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it!





This is a really cool game it gave me some inspiration for what I can do next


This is AWESOME! Great job :D


I'm in love!


This is really cool~ c:


I love it!