You are the tomato worm and you are very hungry for tomatoes.  Clear mind-bending puzzle levels of all tomatoes by eating them while making sure you don't get stuck in corners with your growing body.


  • arrow-keys/d-pad: move the tomato worm on the grid
  • <x>: go to next level after clearing the current one
  • <z>: restart current level
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPICO-8

Development log


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Good game!

Neat Idea, but I feel like too much stuff is happening with the visuals. The point of the game is to manage space and length, but the constant cluttered moving visuals makes it difficult to count. Other than that simple and cool game.


Woo, I loved this! When you figure out a level, it really feels like the snake is all excited about eating all the fruit at once :-D


Really neat. Nice to see all these mechanics and not only the snake-basic ones!


Very cool.  :D


Really clever. Crazy that you can fit that into a pico8 cart. You have to really plan to get through the levels. Good job!!!!!